Flower Gift Giving Tips

Premium Long Stem RosesFlowers are a timeless offering to show someone that they’re special, thank someone or wish them well. You’re telling them that they brighten up the room even more than lovely flowers can. Flowers also are one of the easiest ways to show someone you care.

Here are some strategies for matching flowers to personalities.

  • Do it yourself, if you can. Though most reliable local florists can easily arrange delivery anywhere in the country, they also welcome people to come in, get advice in putting together a perfect bouquet and hand-delivering it. Like the Premium Pink Long Stem Roses bouquet, which includes 12-24 beautiful, aromatic roses.
  • Flowers fit any occasion. Happy birthday flowers are nice, and Valentine’s Day flowers are almost a requirement. Modern local florists can put together a bouquet for any reason, including a patriotic ensemble for the Fourth of July.
  • An anniversary flower delivery is another thoughtful gift, whether it’s your first or 40th. Does she have a favorite flower or color? The Basket of Love, for instance, includes a beautiful blend of roses, mums, and other flowers in a lovely re-usable container.
  • Guys enjoy flowers too. Though there’s the stereotype that floral bouquets are for ladies only, just about anyone can enjoy the gesture. With Denver flower delivery, your recipient’s home or workplace can be easily improved with floral combinations or plants that are more neutral and don’t smell so flowery. Like the colorful Anchors Aweigh bouquet, which has a nautical feel with carnations, or the ’48 Ford Pickup, which has a whimsical bouquet in the back of a vintage F-1 pickup.

Send Father’s Day Sentiments with a Bouquet

This year, take advantage of Father’s Day by expressing your love for your father with the gift and heartfelt sentiment he deserves. This Father’s Day, show your dad how much you appreciate him with a Father’s Day Bouquet from Veldkamp’s Flowers and Gifts, Inc.

The Anchor’s Aweigh Bouquet is delivered in a Captain Carefree Keepsake sail boat, which your father will admire for years to come. This bouquet provides the perfect backdrop for a note thanking your father for always keeping you afloat, being your Northern Star guiding you through life, and for being the wind in your sails pushing you forward. Take this opportunity to thank your father for being who is he because without him, you might be adrift in the open sea with no compass, no breeze, and no guiding light.

Bring Luxury Into Your Home With Fresh Flowers

LightofMyLifeBouquetIf you are like most people, you probably think  having fresh flowers in your house is only for a special occasion or for a holiday. But fresh flowers can change the mood in a house like nothing else. They can change the atmosphere from drab to fab in no time at all.

Put fresh flowers on your dining room table and enjoy dinner there for an elegant evening at home. Put flowers in your bathroom to make it feel like a luxurious hotel, or put them in your bedroom to turn it into a romantic retreat.

Different types of fresh flowers are available all year around, so you can vary your flower selection by season. The addition of fresh flowers to any room in the house will make the whole house feel more special, and when your house feels special, you’ll feel proud to invite people over to enjoy it.

Local Florist’s Delivery vs. National Box Flower Delivery

Don’t be persuaded by the national flower dealers that deliver in boxes, and offer large savings and propaganda.  Did you know that national flowers are picked too soon, just so that they package better?  They are shipped in a box that then requires your assembly!  Some nursing homes and hospitals will not accept them because they are too much work for the nurses and staff.

Before you choose where to purchase your flowers I urge you to check out the company’s Facebook page.  Read what people are writing about their experiences and the customer service they receive.  A lot of reviews or comments include pictures too.  I urge you remember your local florist.  Your local florist’s flowers will be professionally arranged and hand delivered.  Imagine the quality!  Imagine that the bouquet that you send would actually look like the picture!


How Do I Keep My Flowers Fresh?

Keeping Flowers FreshWhen you receive delivery flowers, which are usually cut flowers, or you cut your own fresh flowers, your main goal is to not only bring beauty into your home but to keep them as fresh as possible as long as possible. While putting your flowers in water helps, there are ways to increase the longevity of their beauty for days longer.

While there are expensive solutions you can buy, an inexpensive way to extend their beauty is by using Sprite or 7-up since the sugar adds nutrients or a mixture of vodka and sugar since the alcohol helps preserve the flowers as well. By using one of these home-made solutions, you’ll be able to enjoy your cut flowers a lot longer. All it takes is a little creative thinking!