Finding Spooky Floral Arrangements for Halloween

halloween bouquetShow your Halloween spirit by decorating your home, or taking spooky Halloween floral arrangements to those Halloween parties as a gift for your host. Allow the creepy and frightening decorations to ward off evil spirits or keep the ghosts of departed away. Celtic Pagan Hallowmas traditions involved wearing costumes to trick the ghosts or evil spirits of the recently deceased people in the community.

Bad to the Bones Cupcake arrangement is a scull-shaped mass of white carnations, adorned by green moss, neatly nestled in a red cupcake container. Whether you send it to someone for fun, or add it to your holiday Halloween party décor, this little guy will scare up a bunch of laughs from all who see him.

Create that frightening witches scream that Is reminiscent of the Wicked Witch of the West from the Wizard of Oz with this Bewitching Halloween Flower Cake. The very bewitching witch is made of green poms, and she’s perched on a cake of orange carnations. Bewitch your house guests, or a special recipient with this unique, but dazzling cake shaped arrangement.

Boo-tiful Bats Halloween Bouquet is a whimsical arrangement of fall-colored flowers adorned with decorative bats flying over a decorative full moon. The ancient Celts or Gaels from whom we got the Halloween tradition in the first place, believed that bats would ward off the evil spirits and ghosts of recently deceased people. Bats offered protection, so you can protect your workplace, or protect loved ones – or even your own home from any evil spirits or ghosts who may come to trick-or-treat.

The Spooky Surprise Halloween Bouquet is the essence of fall with deep orange carnations and roses, all neatly arranged in a ceramic pumpkin, topped by a decorative ghost is sure to scare those evil spirits away. Set it at the front office to protect your co-workers, or at the entry to your house, where it will spook out anyone who come to trick-or-treat!

Capture the sense of a haunted garden graveyard anywhere with the Ghostly Gardens Halloween Bouquet. Each bouquet uses the freshest available flowers in autumn colors, arranged in a black glass vase, complete with sprigs of fall leaves and a ghost and creepy insect who hover over the RIP grave stone.

Send that special someone a happy and creepy Halloween with the Spooky Sweet Halloween Bouquet, a lush arrangement filled with the freshest orange and green flowers, creating a gorgeous mass above the black glass vase. A creepy, but adorable big black spider gives this gorgeous bouquet a spooky touch.