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Three Fun Facts About the “Sweetest Day” Holiday

The Sweetest Day is a holiday which offers all of us an opportunity to remember the sick, aged and orphaned, but also friends, relatives and associates whose helpfulness and kindness we have enjoyed. The Sweetest Day is typically celebrated around the Great Lakes region and surrounding areas, as well as sections of the Northeast. The holiday is observed on the third Saturday in October.

Here are three fun facts you probably didn’t know about Sweetest Day!

1. Sweetest Day dates back all the way to October of 1921, when 12 confectioners got together and formed a committee. As the National Confectioners Committee, the group handed out over 20,000 boxes of chocolate to the poor, the sick and the indigent. This was the beginning of what would soon become Sweetest Day, a holiday celebrated all across the Northeast!

2. Over the years, jobs that require travel and an increase in populations spreading to other locations has caused a drastic increase in the amount of people who celebrate Sweetest Day. It’s popularity has grown to the point that Hallmark franchises have increased their Sweetest Day card selection from just 48 cards per store in 2000 to 142 cards per store in 2004. In 2008, Hallmark reported selling over 200 Sweetest Day cards across all of their franchises- acknowledging the widespread growth of the holiday.

3. Although Sweetest Day originated in Ohio and has been traditionally a holiday celebrated by those in the Northeast, recent studies show that the three states that purchase the most gifts to celebrate Sweetest Day are actually Texas, California and Florida! No Northeastern states at all make the list!

Regardless of where you live, Sweetest Day is a time of year to show appreciation and love for people in your life. Nothing says “I Love You” or “I Appreciate You” like a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates from Veldkamp’s Flowers and Gifts- the leader in online floral delivery in the Colorado area for decades.

This “You’re Special” bouquet from Veldkamp’s Flowers is a great selection for that special someone in your life this Sweetest Day. Eye-catching orange roses and Asiatic lilies are accented with burgundy chrysanthemums and lush greens to create an exceptional flower bouquet are arranged in an exquisite designer chestnut cut glass vase. A “special” way to celebrate Sweetest Day

In true Sweetest Day spirit, this “Godiva 19 Piece Assorted Chocolates” is the perfect way to honor the tradition of Sweetest Day while still showing the loved ones in your life how much you care. A box of chocolates was the first Sweetest Day gift and what started the holiday, making it an ideal gift for any special someone this October 19th.