The Secret to Sending Flowers on Grandparent’s Day

Lavender Dreams ArrangementEvery day is a great day to send someone you love a beautiful arrangement of flowers, but Grandparent’s Day is the one day of the year to show the grandparents in your life just how much you love them. With Veldkamps Flowers offering same-day hand delivery in Denver, Colorado and nationwide, flower delivery is as easy as finding the perfect arrangement online, entering in some information and then sending it on its way to that special someone! Floral arrangements are the perfect way to put a smile on your grandparents face this year!

Got a grandfather who loves trucks? This “’48 Ford Pickup” arrangement from Veldkamp’s Flowers and Gifts is the perfect choice! This whimsical bouquet is arranged in a reusable keepsake ceramic replica of the classic 1948 Ford pickup. Yellow daisies, orange roses, red carnations and purple statice are mixed with oregonia inside the bed of the truck. This arrangement is sure to make any grandfather smile.

For those looking for the perfect arrangement for Grandma, look no further than this beautiful “Lavender Dreams” bouquet from Veldkamp’s Flowers and Gifts. Lovely long stemmed roses, daisy poms, stock, alstroemeria and monte casino in shades of pink and purple are all hand delivered in an ornate purple glass vase to bring out the vibrant color of the flowers. This beautiful arrangement will make any grandmother feel special on Grandparent’s Day!

This “Be Happy” bouquet from Veldkamp’s Flowers and Gifts is a good choice to send to any grandparent. Arranged in a happy face mug full of roses and daisies, this floral gift is sure to make any relative smile.

What Flowers to Send for Back to School?

apple of my eye flower arrangementBack to school flowers are a great idea for children, college age students, bus drivers, teachers, spouses and more! A simple floral arrangement from Veldkamp’s Flowers, the local Denver florist is an easy way to show the special people in your life that you are thinking about them. With such a wide selection these days, you can find the perfect arrangement for just about anyone! With all of Veldkamp’s flower arrangements, Denver flower delivery is an easy way to show your loved ones that you care.

This “Apple of My Eye” basket arrangement is a beautiful and unique gift for a child, spouse or teacher. Daisy poms, solidago and variegated pittosporum in a charming handled basket, accented with bright red apples is a beautiful arrangement for any family member to buy for their favorite teacher!

This “Festive Big Hug” bouquet arrangement is the perfect choice for a child going to school for the first time. In this arrangement, pink gerbera daisies are surrounded by yellow Peruvian Lilies, fuchsia mini carnations, purple statice and lush greens perfectly presented in a ceramic light green vase hugged by an adorable brown plush bear.

Your children and the staff at your children’s school aren’t the only people who would be delighted to see a beautiful floral arrangement this back to school season. After a hectic summer, sending a floral arrangement to your spouse is a great way to say “I love you and I appreciate all that you do.” This “Perfectly Pastel” is the perfect choice to surprise your spouse this back to school season.

Also remember that if your child is going off to college we also offer nationwide delivery!

Everything You Need To Know About Wedding Flowers

Nosegay Wedding Bouquets

If you were to make a list of the most important ingredients for a wedding – minus the intangibles like love and patience – you’d get to flowers real fast. They’re not as critical as say, a bride or groom or the rings, but they’re heads and shoulders over some of the other trappings like candles, programs or string quartets.

Flowers can play a significant role, from the bride’s bouquet to smaller bouquets for bridesmaids to the groom’s boutonnieres to corsages for grandparents. Arrangements of flowers can be placed all around the church or hall, and the flower girl can sprinkle petals as the bride approaches. Even a small-scale wedding can be enhanced with fresh and colorful flowers.

Here’s a quick run-down of useful floral-related wedding options:

  • Real is better. Silk flowers are available, but there’s nothing that matches the look and feel of actual flowers.
  • You don’t have to splurge. Your wedding planner or floral specialist should give you several choices, not just colors or styles but possible costs for different budgets.
  • Colors abound. Any florist can find white flowers, from white roses to white carnations. But excellent florists can find combinations that match or complement the other colors at your event.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. Veldkamp’s Flowers in Denver, Colorado offers many options even where bouquets are concerned. There are hand-tied ones that include the stems and are an excellent choice for garden weddings, or nosegay bouquets, which are round, aromatic clusters of flowers and a trendy choice.

Send A Labor Day Message With Flowers

floral embrace flower arrangementOh no! Labor Day is Almost here. And you know what that means, summer is almost over. For most people it does, unofficially at least, mark the end of it all. The end of the balmy, sunny days, picnics and long weekends in the great outdoors, lazy days fishing and camping, cookouts, vacations, lightning bugs and flowers. On the other hand it also means the end of mosquitos, hot sweltering days and exorbitant air-conditioning bills. So either way you look at, Labor Day is a great excuse for celebration.Labor Day is always observed on the 1st Monday in September, which is on the 2nd this year. It all started in Oregon in 1887 and became a national holiday in 1894. It’s origins are a bit murky, but the day has a fascinating history involving unions, riots, Anarchists and Communists. That’s how they partied back in the day. But these days it’s a day of family reunions and barbecues.

A great way to send off the summer is with flowers. If you’re planning a get together, flower arrangements should be a part of your decor, almost a necessity for centerpieces. They’re beautiful, affordable, can be hand delivered right to your door nationwide from a well-known florist like Veldkamp’s Flowers & Gifts, and nothing adds that summery accent like flowers.

And, if you find you can’t make it to someone’s festivities, what better way to say you’re thinking of them and wish you were there than sending them a beautiful bouquet?

So wish Summer a fond farewell, enjoy some lovely flowers, and don’t feel too bad. It’ll be back next year.

Discover the Secret and Magical World of Orchids

White Phalaenopsis OrchidThe mystery and intrigue surrounding the orchid family is powerfully alluring for flower fans all over the world. Even those who don’t know the specific language surrounding the amazing universe of flowers, and orchids in particular, are often drawn to this truly unique family of flowers.

These flowers, which range from delicate to bold and powerful in appearance, make a statement about personality or some special quality about a person. When sending these expressive, long-lasting flowers, it is often a testament to the recipient’s inner beauty, strength and many other unique traits.

The Phalaenopsis Orchid is also known as the Moth Orchid.

Maybe a small five-point primer will help fans become more familiar with some of the facts about orchids that make them so special and worth a closer look and sniff before placing an order for Denver flower delivery.

  1. With well over 25,000 species of orchids growing on six continents, you can find orchids all over the world. Travel to deep jungles in Costa Rica, tropical and mainland Asia and many American regions to experience these glorious blooms in person.
  2. The Phalaenopsis Orchid, or the Moth orchid, is so-called because its simple and elegant blooms often look like moths in flight.
  3. One species of orchid mimics its intended suitor and pollinator. The Bee Orchid, or Ophrys apifera, blooms and looks like a bee, so attracting bees for pollination is as simple as blooming. However, this orchid has evolved and can now self-pollinate.
  4. Orchids can grow only to become as small as the head of a pin while others grow more than 10 feet high.
  5. The Vanilla Orchid is the only orchid grown specifically for commercial purposes.

Gift Ideas for an August Birthday

green leaf treeFinding the best gift ideas for an August birthday can put you in a tight spot, particularly when you just don’t know what to get someone. However, there is one solution that just about anyone will appreciate, especially if there is a big birthday celebration or summer blowout in the works.

Even if you can’t make it to the festivities, you can show that you care by planning a delivery or dropping by with a centerpiece of fresh cut green flowers or a live plant. Green is all around us in the summertime, but it is a special hue to those born in August, as their birthstone is the Peridot, an olive-green gemstone. As one of the few gemstones in nature to occur in only one color, Peridot is as unique as the people it represents.

Considering that every celebration needs a little decor, a floral gift, potted plant, or a majestic Ficus Tree will be much appreciated by the host and will add to the uniqueness of the gathering. Plants are widely popular August birthday gifts because they can last for years and bring the recipient joy for birthdays to come.

Show that special person you care with a gift that keeps on giving – order a green plant from your trusted local florist, Veldkamp’s Flowers & Gifts, who you can count on for the highest quality and reliable delivery.

It’s A Girl! What Flowers To Send

new baby girl flowersWhen it’s a girl, there are many ways to celebrate the birth. All around the world, girls are born every day and it’s important to congratulate the new parents. One of the best ways to do this is to send new baby flowers.

You can choose to send the flowers to the parents or bring them. Veldkamps Flowers & Gifts, your local florist will help you to find the perfect way to say congratulations.

Pink flowers are often the bouquet of choice when deciding what to send to a girl, but you can always customize them for a boy as well. You can send flowers only or even include a teddy bear so that the baby girl has something special in her crib or bassinet, too.

It’s always a celebration when there is a baby born. Celebrations mean parties and there’s no party without the décor. You don’t have to send streamers and balloons – flowers are going to be all of the party décor needed. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about shopping for the flowers or trying to figure out how to wrap the “perfect” gift.

All you have to do is work with your local florist to send a beautiful bouquet to the proud parents of the new baby girl. You can have a bouquet personalized based upon the colors you want to incorporate, the types of flowers that you want to send and even the budget that you want to stay around. Your gift will then be ready for you to pick up or to be hand-delivered on your behalf. It’s a great way to send something when it’s a girl and there’s no need to spend hours at a store.