The Secret to Flowers on National Boss’ Day

money treeNational Boss’ Day became a holiday in 1958, the year in which it was officially registered with the U.S.. Chamber of Commerce. The idea for the holiday was the brain child of an employee in the Deerfield, Illinois State Farm Insurance office. Patricia Bays Haroski was working under her father at the time, and what she saw as she watched him work, persuaded her that there ought to be a designated holiday on which to show bosses or other supervisors, that their employees appreciated them.

Inspired by watching her father, as he ran their State Farm office, she saw her father face almost constant set backs, challenges and difficulties, and he never lost sight of the fact that his role was to guide, inspire and motivate his employees despite all the seemingly insurmountable roadblocks he encountered.

Mrs. Haroski chose October 16th for the holiday because it also happened to be her father’s birthday. Today, the national observance is always on October 16th, and if that date falls on a weekend, the holiday is observed on the closest business day.

The idea of celebrating National Boss’ Day has spread beyond American soil. It is now celebrated in Australia, Great Britain and South Africa.

People typically show their appreciation by giving their boss token gifts and cards. Since people don’t want to get too personal in their gift giving, a plant is the perfect gift. It is suitable for a male or female boss, and it is something that will last and allow your boss to enjoy it long after National Boss’s Day – or the week during which it is observed.

If you believe in Feng Shui, then the Money Tree is the perfect plant to give to your boss. It is known by the botanical name Pachira acquatica. The braided trunk is supposed to be a symbol of good luck, and if you want to give your boss an offering that is believed to bring good luck, then this is the perfect gift. Because of its unusual appearance, people frequently make comments about it. This interesting good luck gift is something the whole office can talk about and enjoy.