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3 Care Tips for Keeping Sunflowers

The sunflower is a very impressive plant to grow and looks beautiful in any garden. Most people appreciate the beauty of the sunflower but few people know how to grow and care for them. Luckily, sunflower care is not very complicated at all. Here are some tips to help your sunflowers stay healthy.

Sunflowers are extremely sensitive to the amount of sunlight they obtain, hence their name. They are also sensitive to the amount of water they should receive on a daily basis. It is crucial that sunflowers get ample sunlight but do not get overwatered. They should be checked regularly to make sure they are in moist soil and should be planted in an area that gets a fair amount of sunlight on a daily basis.

Another important thing to check when trying to grow a beautiful sunflower is that the plant stays stable during its growth process. Sunflowers can grow several feet in height, so making sure they stay stable throughout the growing process is crucial to making sure the roots remain intact and that the sunflower does not topple over. Using ties and rope to stabilize the sunflower stem can help give the flower stability once it reaches a certain height.

If you are growing a field of sunflowers, it is important to space the flowers far enough apart that they do not compromise the integrity of the other flowers. When two or more sunflowers are planted near each other and they begin to grow into each other, it may be needed to prune some of the petals from one of the flowers, or even trim down an entire flower in order to not compromise the growth of the other flowers.

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